Autism Weekly News – September 27th

What I am reading:

As a fellow runner I LOVE this story, especially the way her teammates have embraced her: Cross Country Running helps teen with autism

Cheesecake anyone? I think autism and culinary arts is a perfect fit. This might be the 2030 Top Chef: Autistic Teen Pastry Chef

I tried to read the book but struggled, maybe I need it in in visual form: Reason I Jump the movie

Once my kids are in bed I need to take a break. We are going to Chicago soon and I have been reading The Devil in the White City to get a better understanding of Chicago’s history. Learn all about the World’s Fair and their own serial killer. Who knew?

One has to eat right? Here is what new items I have been cooking this week:

Easy and healthy, I normally sauté my squash but this might be my new method: Roasted Yellow Squash

Instant Pot success! I have had mixed results with this contraption but this might be one of my new favorites. My biggest take away was the pork chops made a second meal: Instant Pot Spaghetti

What I am watching

It took me two tries to get into Parks and Rec but now I am hooked and well into Season two! Ron Swanson is my favorite character.

Did I miss any articles of interest this week? Please comment below.

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