Autism Weekly News – October 3rd

What I am reading:

Look who is joining me for the Chicago Marathon on Sunday Running for Autism Anyone else going to be there?

Week two and we have a Taylor Swift appearance. I love her new collaboration with Sugarland Babe. I love that she followed up and Meets boy with Autism she helped get a service dog

A true hero! Child calls for help!

The real question here is who does like getting family photos taken? Boy dresses as T-Rex for family photos

Not autism specific but could be great treatment option. My son loves climbing walls Rock Climbing to fight Depression and Fears

In my free time I am still working through The Devil in the White City and am really learning a ton. I also couldn’t resist starting Daring to Hope after previously reading Kisses for Katie. I am not sure if there is anoyone in the world who more shows the love of Christ than Katie Davis.

One has to eat right? Here is what new items I have been cooking this week:

Honestly beyond the marathon this weeekend, eating at Rick Bayless’ restaurant has me most excited! I have three of his cookbooks, but am fueling up on the Mexican Chorizo Beans and Greens recipe from my favorite book of his.

What I am watching:

After finally working through Homeland we recently got pulled into Quantico I am not sure how we missed this but right now I cannot stop watching.

What is in my ear:

Two of my favorite financial podcast came together for this special episode: Choose FI with Joe from Stacking Benjamins

Did I miss any articles of interest this week? Please comment below.

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