About A Pinch of Autism

Passed down from previous generations are faded recipe cards that call for a pinch of this or that ingredient. I take a guess on how much a pinch is….a literal pinch between two fingers…teaspoon….maybe somewhere in the middle but the recipe never tastes just right. Obviously the key ingredient is that PINCH but what is the correct amount?

My son was recently diagnosed with high functioning autism which came as a complete surprise. We knew he was different than other children but we thought he was just high energy and strong willed. Nothing prepared us for this diagnosis. There was shock, tears, denial and while we did not agree with all the indicators used to make the diagnosis maybe there was something to this revelation. We left the center with an overwhelming list of recommended next steps.

This site is my attempt to capture our journey on how we help our son with this diagnosis. Unfortunately we have found resources for highly functioning autism to be very limited. Maybe we are not looking in the right places and maybe this site will change that perception.

At this time I am choosing to keep myself and our family anonymous as one day I hope our son will have a normal life. I hope our journey will help others in their own paths. Lace up your running shoes and let’s start down the long path.

Many miles to go…